Utilizing social media to engage voters and supporters is hugely important!

We can help you maximize your social media reach by integrating Facebook, Google +, Twitter and other social networking tools into your custom built website. If you stay engaged with your constituents they will stay engaged with your campaign and be there when you need them.  Progressive politics today is about building bigger circles of engagement and cooperation.  People want a voice and they want to know they are being heard. We are here to help you utilize the most powerful tools existing to help achieve your success and help us all win together!

Relax! Social Media is not that hard to learn and everyone had to start somewhere.

The good news is we are here to help!
We can help you setup your own Facebook Page so you can reach out to constituents and supporters and all of their friends.
We can help you connect with organizations that provide social media training to help get good people elected.
We will make sure your custom built website makes it easy for people to connect with you where ever they are!

Campaign Web Solutions brings you the latest Social Media updates from the most proactive and productive  progressive training organizations today!  Feel free to come back here each day to get updates on the leading edge of progressive campaign news and technology.

Your campaign can be a social media success story!

Check out the latest social media updates from the field of campaign organizing below.


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