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Every senior citizen has worked their entire lives to provide for themselves and their families and put aside a portion of their hard earned money into a retirement savings we call Social Security. It is a social compact we have made that has lifted millions of seniors out of poverty and the money set aside is not the governments to use.  That money belongs to the people!

Social Security does not contribute one nickel to the national debt. As a program it is secure for the next couple decades as it is but we can make it even more secure by simply making a small reasonable adjustment to the cap that lets people who have earned more than one hundred and seventeen thousand dollars opt out of paying into the program.  This will only effect a tiny percentage of citizens yet will ensure the solvency of Social Security for decades more.

If elected I will safeguard Social Security by moving to raise the cap from $177,000.  Social Security COLA’s or cost of living adjustments also need to be increased so our seniors can live in dignity and not have to choose between paying for life saving medications and eating nutritious foods.